Giving Time And Work As A Gift As Well

Giving Time And Work As A Gift As Well

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Today I went to give a person a birthday present which was simply a USB memory stick as apparently they kept complaining that the iCloud feature on their phone had no space left which meant they had to download everything and delete old files. The person is not technically savvy though and with all the distancing restrictions there wasn’t anyone that could go to them and help them out.

So with that in mind I actually ended up downloading and transferring all the files for him onto the USB stick with a laptop which in a sense was the gift as well. AS you may imagine a non-technically savvy person almost treats this like they saved say $100 in having to bring it to a retail store and get charged a lot of money.

Kind of makes you think how just giving your time and skill in these ways can be a valuable gift as well instead of always thinking you have to literally spend money. Technically people do it all the time such as buying people gift cards where you can redeem it for services like these. So don’t underestimate your ability to give value in the same way when it comes to a gift as well.

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