Giving Store Credit Versus A Refund Strategy

Giving Store Credit Versus A Refund Strategy

So I was dealing with that situation where a company called Neewer charged me more than what the price of the product stated on checkout. All I asked was to be reimbursed for the difference and at first it seemed like they kept implying I did something wrong. Eventually they started to offer me compensation but it was in the form of gift cards. At first it was only $10 which was less than the difference I should get and then they said they got approved to offer a $20 card instead. I still refused as a company that can’t bill correctly is likely to do it again in my mind.

As well, I was thinking how a gift card means I would have to find something to spend more money on and the company benefits in that way as whatever I purchase could be high margin for them. To make it worst, they state you have to spend a lot of money to get free shipping. But that makes you realize too why a lot of companies love giving store credit instead where if they did mess up then they have a great chance to recoup those losses.

So in this case I am sticking to getting credit back on my credit card and am waiting to see if they follow through still.

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