Giving Pennies As Tips Rude?
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Giving Pennies As Tips Rude?

I heard a conversation today where people were paying for a bill at a restaurant and they decided to pay in cash. Like most restaurants, the workers would give you back your change in a coin tray and many times people would leave an X amount of money from that as the tip.

There happened to be some pennies in the tray and so they decided to leave the ideal amount as the tip as well as the pennies. However, a person then brought up the point on how she heard on a radio show that it is rude to leave pennies as waiters/waitresses hate that while considering it an insult and so they should take the pennies.

I was just thinking to myself there on how one can consider that as rude as the customer is essentially giving more free money to the worker. I personally would view it as the same as when someone buys something at a store and doesn’t want the change and so the store gets to keep it for extra profit.

I guess I can understand the cumbersome of counting pennies at the end of the day, but to classify that as rude is beyond me personally. Every penny counts in my opinion and money is money in this situation.

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