Giving Out A Lot of Free Samples

Giving Out A Lot of Free Samples

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Today I received a shipment from an online store that I purchased some items from. When I opened the package I was kind of surprised as there seemed to be a lot more stuff than I had ordered. Upon further inspection it seemed like they included a lot of sample products in hopes that I would purchase these well in the future. It was also kind of interesting to see that they included their business card in it too.

I guess to me this was clearly an example of a smaller business that tries harder to win over customers by being more personable as opposed to trying to compete purely based on price with a larger store. I was thinking too giving out free samples is kind of neat as it is not something that I see often with the bigger online retailers. It’s a nice personable touch I suppose. Makes me super curious as to how well this method has done for them.

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