Giving Money To Fake Monks
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Giving Money To Fake Monks

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I have often heard of fake homeless people and beggars where people simply take advantage of the generosity of others and make a ton of money doing so. For example, I heard stories before that fake homeless people can get over $200 a day which definitely isn’t ethically right. It just increases the skepticism of people wanting to help those who are truly in need.

Would you ever think there are such a thing as fake monks too? Apparently these people dress up in an entire monk outfit while going through the act of spreading peace and joy in hopes of getting money. So it was interesting to see that there are actually people who are actively trying to expose these types of frauds. Like in this example video where an actress is on a mission of sort to expose such people.

Makes you wonder can we trust anyone on the streets anymore? As hard as you work for your money there are always those who are working just as hard to steal it from you. You always have to be vigilant I suppose.

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