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Giving Half of A Present Because of A Future Sale

This was kind of an interesting practice when it comes to giving gifts. Now I have mentioned before that what a lot of people do to save money on Christmas is that they actually buy everyone’s present after the holiday as all the prices for so many products drop like a rock. Especially here in Canada, the biggest sale event is always the day after Christmas. So if your gift for like a family was originally say a TV you could save a lot this way.

A person was telling me today that if necessary he gives people part of their gifts if he knows for certain that he can get a better deal when it comes to completing the package. Example, if we were using the TV example it could be that he found the best deal for a speaker package already. So he would give that to the recipient first where they are still surprised and excited as they know they are getting a TV and at least this way they have something tangible to keep them excited.

In some ways I would think this is a bit torturous don’t you think? lol. Like giving the guy a car freshener on Christmas and the actual car the next day because you know you can buy it for a better deal.

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