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Giving Away Your Old Valuables As Gifts

If you were looking for a new car and someone gave you his old one which was perfectly functional would you not think that was a good gift? I was saying that to a friend today as he was thinking of giving away his old tablet as a present to his friend who was looking for one. However, he said he thought it would look too cheap as it doesn’t feel right to not give people something new instead.

Even I knew that item was well over $400 still brand new and so it isn’t anything to sneeze about financially. I have gotten used items as gifts from many people before for reasons such as they simply bought new models or have no use for the items anymore. I personally didn’t think anything negative of it as the reason they were thinking of giving it to me as well is because they heard that I was looking for something like it.

It’s different if you just randomly throw used items without much thought at people. But no harm in giving thoughtful gifts like those if it suits people’s needs while at the same time saving money and preventing waste such as tossing the item away.

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