Giving Away Semi Useable Items or Not
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Giving Away Semi Useable Items or Not

This got me thinking today as I bought a new microwave for my Mom because the old one was not really working very well. It was simple enough to setup where afterwards the question was what to do with the old one? For example, just find a place to recycle it? That’s when apparently someone mentioned that their workplace was looking for a microwave as they don’t have one. So that would make sense to just let them take it right?

But the fact that it is being replaced because it is not working well made my mom say she wouldn’t want them to take it as she doesn’t want to give people items that don’t really fully work. It made me think for other things though let’s pretend you had a smartphone with a screen burn in or the volume speakers seemed a bit muffled. If someone could potentially use the smartphone as they don’t have one would you be inclined to give it to them in this condition?

I think people would be more inclined to say yes in that case. Maybe because the microwave is used for food people are more inclined to be cautious about these types of items in giving them away feeling that others may potentially get hurt as an example if it malfunctions in some way such as if it was a car that was leaking gas. You can usually find someone who could use it for it the items though versus just simply throwing it away.

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