Giving Away Money or Resources
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Giving Away Money or Resources

I was reading a story today that talked about some of the things people have done to make ends meat during the hard financial times. There were examples such as strangers that decided to live together to cut down on rent or couples literally living in different cities to try and find jobs.

That then brought up a point about the people that are in a position to help others during these times. In many cases it was items such as food and shelter that were being donated it seems and not once did I read that people were given money. For the most part, people mentioned that they didn’t want to be like a beggar either and would rather just get help with things like finding a job.

I was thinking of giving away say $100 here in a form of a help yourself get out of a slump type of setup but was unsure as to the best way to do it. At the same time, that did make me think on whether giving money was really the best way to do it. At the same time, $100 might not be much overall, but it’s usually the truly needy that would find ways to utilize that as effective as possible.

In my opinion too, it just comes down to motivation on how bad you want something I’d say and little things like this is just a way to get your butt off the couch. What would work out perfect in these types of scenarios is if you say offered someone what they thought they needed to help themselves get out of a slump and by the time they satisfied your requirements they actually ended up not needing it anymore.

Reminds me of a trick that some of my old teachers did. They told the students that during tests we were allowed to bring in two cheat notes to help us with the test. Example, could be specific date of an event, name of a person, etc. In turn, the students read through the textbooks to see which one was the hardest to remember and then used these notes to help with that. It was smart as many students wouldn’t even read it in the first place and this was like a way to indirectly trick them into studying for the tests as ultimately most students didn’t need them after too.

I should try that with someone. Example, for the non entrepreneurial people they often say they can’t find a job where in some cases they mention that they tried for years. Is there really truly nothing out there for example or are they just not doing something right? I believe there is even a show about philanthropy too coming revolving around billionaires which would be interesting to see what really works in the end to get people back on their feet.


  • laquita 7/6/2009

    hey ii reed your ad and i would like to kno a little bit more of whats going on with giving away money

  • Alan Yu 7/6/2009

    Ad? Not sure of this ad you speak of, but this was just a blog post about me trying to think of way to help people in need where they will use what I give them to create something prosperous for the long term.

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