Giving Away Money Only if Appreciated
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Giving Away Money Only if Appreciated

When people become rich suddenly through the lottery I have often heard stories on how people’s lives have become worst as a result of overspending and attracting so much bad attention where everyone comes out of the woodwork wanting some of your fortune. This story was kind of interesting as it seemed like there was a person who won the lottery and decided to help out a lot of her friends and family quickly financially.

That in itself wasn’t her regret but rather it was suggesting that she was disappointed with how ungrateful everyone was in receiving the money in her view. Basically, once she spent all that money on them they simply went and enjoyed their lives as normal. No extra time to catch up with her for extra days than normal or anything like that. So, it seems like she wished that she didn’t give away so much money so fast to people.

Some people also will flat out refuse to give others any part of their fortune which doesn’t seem uncommon. There are even millionaire who say their kids won’t see a dime of their fortune as they have to earn everything. I’m not quite sure what I would do if I all of a sudden had billions of dollars in income when it comes to giving it away. I just know I usually prefer to building things that have long term value if someone needs help.

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