Giving Away Items As A Marketing Expense

Giving Away Items As A Marketing Expense

I saw a promotion that is coming soon where a company is apparently giving away free glasses. I guess these things usually cost about $30+. What the catch is about these items I am not too sure about as I don’t wear glasses myself. To qualify to get it, apparently you needed to give a shout out to the company on one of its fan pages.

That made me think while it probably costs them a few dollars to giveaway, it made me wonder if it was efficient dollar wise in terms of advertising. By the sounds of it they were giving away about 10,000 pairs of glasses. That is probably almost similar cost wise to producing and shooting a commercial.

Viral marketing wise they probably gain a lot more exposure though as I can easily see people spreading the word about it constantly. Even I was inclined to think of people that I could tell to possibly take advantage of this offer. Guess one factor in why this wouldn’t work is if you don’t give enough away. Example, if the quantity was only one hundred I would be inclined to say the supply will dwindle too fast to be effective.

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