Giving Apology Credits To Encourage Further Sales

Giving Apology Credits To Encourage Further Sales

I was thinking the other day as a lot of sites are starting to offer people money for slower shipping rates such as if you were supposed to have an item delivered today in which it doesn’t then the company will actually pay you for that delay. That usually comes in the form of a small credit such as a five dollars off coupon towards your next purchases.

Value wise that might be bad if you say paid an extra $15 to actually get the item shipped to you within two days as an example. It makes me wonder if some companies intentionally hope in a sense where they can give you these small credits so that you will continue to shop with them as no one wants a coupon to go to waste right? You may say no way as companies would lose too much money that way. But some stores actually have a purchase limit to say get free shipping. Imagine a person having to buy fifty dollars worth of stuff each time.

I wouldn’t doubt if that is a potential strategy for online retailers. The best value would be to get immediate credit back towards your payment method in which there are higher odds that the person simply won’t return after that one bad experience.

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