Giving A Discount As A Prize Versus A Coupon

Giving A Discount As A Prize Versus A Coupon

This was an interesting marketing technique I was thinking about as for this one site they were trying to generate more interest for its upcoming Black Friday sale by having this spin the wheel event of sort where you could randomly win items and coupons towards a future purchase. Now some of the coupons sound like a typical get 5% off for subscribing to an e-mail list sort of routine. That makes me wonder, does wining it in a scenario like this make you more inclined to use the coupon because it’s something you won?

I’m thinking for some they may be more inclined to buy something with it due to the fact that not everyone can necessarily win the prize which puts you in a “special” spot. For myself, it just comes down to the prize as in these cases you technically still have to buy something that you may not actually need which means the deal isn’t that great. But I can see how this may be a smarter idea marketing wise.

On a side note I have been spinning it and apparently I could get free Ziplock bags and cosmetic cottons if I buy something as a result. I guess if I actually need something at a good price from them on Black Friday I’ll make a purchase. But items like those are not enticing enough to buy something just to get those.

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