Gifts That Make People Spend More
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Gifts That Make People Spend More

A person was telling me how they got this voucher that essentially gave them about five hundred dollars free to spend in terms of travel fees. She was already on a tight budget as it is so this was a nice way to get a trip without having to pay for it. However, as it turns out she would have to spend money to enjoy it as she would still have to pay for things like the food and accommodations. So in a sense she would still be spending even though she originally wouldn’t have.

This then raised the debate in her mind on whether not she should just sell the voucher. But of course it would seem a bit rude as this was a gift. That’s always something to consider financially when you are buying gifts on whether or not you are setting the person up to spend more money than they can afford. Usually just takes a little bit of extra planning too to ensure that they can actually enjoy the gift without it breaking their bank.

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