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Getting Your Private Information

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This has got to be some of the strangest attempts I have seen to get personal information out of them in order to solicit people. Basically, as you may know companies want to target qualified people within a certain demographic that is most likely to buy their products. So there was this telemarketing type of company that first asked you what age range you would fall in. For example, 20 to 30, 30 to 50, etc. Pretty generic for privacy reasons I think. Then after they ask you, “Okay, how old are you?”

This was literally repeated throughout the questions I saw. Example, the next one would be “How much do you make in a year?” with choices like “$20,000 to $40,000” or “$40,000 to $60,000”. Right after the next question was, “How much do you make exactly a year?” That was pretty strange I thought. It’s almost like it was designed to semi build your confidence at first where hopefully you will just go with the flow and then slip up your information.

I know many people usually just give fake information in these cases. Kind of a strange business tactic though I must say. It must work though if people are using it.

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