Getting Used To Unintended Misuse Of A Service

Getting Used To Unintended Misuse Of A Service

It’s kind of interesting reading about how the company Netflix has been cracking down on users who share their accounts with others where as a result the company potentially loses a potential subscribers who would have normally had to purchase their own account which means more revenue for them of course. Many times this can be family members simply allowing others to use their account as well to save money. It has become habit and value factor for many because of this where because they can share their account with say three other households the fee seems to be a bargain.

So now that the company is trying to stop people from doing so many people are complaining that it simply isn’t worth it while demanding that they should be able to do so. That’s kind of what got me thinking on how so many people treated it as normal. Kind of like how many times people download say music from a site where they shouldn’t in reality as normally you should have to buy it from an official source as form of a licence to do so. But people are just so used to downloading and sharing the files for free to each other that people actually think it’s crazy if say an artist stops a website from doing so and even threatens to boycott their work.

It makes sense if one thinks it’s just not worth it. But it’s interesting to see how people think it’s actually intended to be that way where you can just share accounts as an example.

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