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Getting Unlimited Receipts

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Funny situation today as I went back to a restaurant to get a receipt for a transaction that occurred yesterday. The one they gave me had no details such as what was ordered and the total taxes. Instead, it just had the total cost and form of payment used.

At first the workers were saying that they couldn’t give me a receipt for the previous day. Then the owner came out and said that I must be using it for business write offs. Funny thing was he then told the staff to just give me any receipt that came close to what I ordered yesterday. Since they couldn’t locate it quickly the owner just gave me like three receipts that almost totaled the same amount.

These are apparently from other customers that simply left their receipts behind. Literally, he was willing to just give me like a handful of them. Kind of interesting I thought as when you think about it someone could just grab receipts like these that people leave behind and use it for their own write-offs.

Comments to Getting Unlimited Receipts

  • Yes, I’ve always thought how curious it is that most taxi drivers just give you a blank receipt when you ask for one since they know the only people who ask for receipts are business people who will get reimbursed. Someone who isn’t ethical could easily take advantage of that.

    joewatch 2/11/2010 9:30 pm
  • similiar case many years ago I drove for Domino’s Pizza when they used doorhangers as advertising. Several drivers would keep a handful in there cars and use them themselves writing off two or three towards there overall delivery receipts for that night to pick up an additional $4- $5 per night coupon value $1 small $1.50 medium $2.00 large figure doing this every night the driver could easily pickup an extra $100 a month unseen

    wolfman526 8/13/2010 6:19 am
  • How about that driver thats on call who uses the vehicle for personal use and rolling the mileage into that of the actual business mileage seeing he’s on duty 24/7 seeing it is “oncallbasis” or as needed

    wolfman526 8/13/2010 6:24 am

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