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Getting Sucked Into Free Versions And Trials

There was some accounting software today that I noticed was free for people to download. More specifically, it was the Inuit software and services located at

As you may know, they also have the regular software that can be anywhere from say $100 to $500. The thing that caught my attention was that the payroll service they had where it indicates that you can try it for free for 6 months. The reason why that got a reaction out of me was because I know so many people that have become dependent on it. Essentially, while many don’t think it is a good value to subscribe to it anymore they pretty much need to as they revolved their operations around it.

Many of them started the same way too where they got a free trial and just figured that it works and so you may as well continue with it. With free trials or programs like these I usually try to determine ahead of time on how easy it is to export all of your data should you decide to not use it anymore.

Especially with items like an accounting software, I can easily see how you just wouldn’t want to switch because you don’t want to have to re-enter all of your financial information again. Of course, it heavily depends on your situation too as maybe free versions like these will be more than adequate.

I usually find that there are too many features that are stripped away though when it comes to these types of items and so it is better to really research about these products before you try and revolve your activities around it too much.

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