Getting So Little Product In A Package

Getting So Little Product In A Package

So today I was given these fruit crisp snacks to try out. The person figured that I am usually into healthy stuff so it sounded good. The first thing I noticed actually when lifting the bag to read the ingredients was how light the package was. It almost sounded like it was less than half full which is odd for these kinds of products. Although I guess these are one of those organic products where you usually expect to get way less compared to regular items.

So when I opened the package you could see just how little product there is inside. Granted even on the package it says that this whole bag has 40g worth of product. But just looking at the amount of product that’s actually in a bag of this size just makes you wonder why huh? Was it just to have more space to place fancier pictures and material on?

I am almost inclined to think it’s a supply thing where maybe these types of bag sizes are commonly mass produced where you can save more money using this as opposed to getting a smaller sized option that is more suitable. Or could it be simply for marketing where if you saw this in your grocery aisle you would assume you are getting almost a bag full of product?

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