Getting The Product Without The Package
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Getting The Product Without The Package

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As I walked past the supermarket today I was surprised to see that there were still a ton of tax software in the store. What caught my attention is the price and how a standard version was about $35. You could get the exact same thing for about $15 from the company’s official site. The only difference is you have to download it as opposed to getting a box with a disc in it. The more I think about it you can save a ton of money by trying to buy things without the fancy package for a lot of items.

Computer stuff is one that I often do this for where you can buy things like OEM products that are meant for people who want to build computer systems. The products are essentially the exact same as the full retail products minus the package. So if your goal is to save money that is a great way to do it. Food can be the same too as you may be surprised at how much you can save by getting things in bulk without any fancy packaging.

A lot of the cost for the company can often be in the packaging and design of a product. So it’s no surprise in that sense where if you can skip that then everyone saves money.

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