Getting People To Understand Your Business or Not

Getting People To Understand Your Business or Not

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Support is often a much needed factor to getting something off the ground. However, in some cases people have a tough time getting support from their immediate circle of people because it could be no one gets it and will only be skeptics. Therefore people can often spend a ton of time trying to educate people about it. A digital age business is a great example such nowadays some people are millionaires mining cryptocurrencies. Try explaining that an average person.

Like there if you needed an investment for some equipment would you actually try and educate those who don’t get it for support or would you simply find people who do get and would be enthusiastic about it? Just from my personal experience it’s better to just get people that support it as once you have that success the others will follow.

Kind of reminds me even as a kid where I did theatre in school and my parents was very unsupportive about it to the point where even my dad said I was failure. However, I kept doing it and eventually I was actually awarded for my work. Then one day he actually attended a show and at the end hearing everyone around him clapping and cheering pretty much made him realize maybe he needs to rethink there is something good to what I was doing.

That taught me personally too that finding people who support your work and efforts can be a lot more productive than investing so much time in trying to convince people who don’t see it to support your endeavors.

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