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Getting People To Beta Test For You

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I was reading recently on how they were going to introduce these digital cards of sort for the public transportation here where instead of having to pay in coins you can imply load up this card and scan it on the spot to pay for a fare. It sounded kind of neat to me and I was also reading how they were looking for beta testers.

I was then reading through the agreements that they wanted everyone to abide by. While there was nothing out of the extraordinary what did stand out too me was the way they worded it was like whoever volunteered to beta test this essentially like an employee that is working for free. Basically, it was saying things such as you still have to pay for your own fares, from time to time you must submit reports, etc. It didn’t really sound too exciting as a result.

Getting people to beta test your platforms can be a great way to not only save money but it enables you to use a wide variety of people to ensure a better testing phase for whatever it is that your business is providing. I tend to think though that you have to at least make it sound exciting or offer some kind of incentive to encourage people to do so. Unless this is like some exceptional opportunity like being able to visit space or something.

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