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Getting Offers To Go Back In-Store Shopping 1000 PC Points

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With the pandemic still going on many people are hesitant to go into stores if they don’t have to. A lot of businesses are offering online ordering or even curbside pickups as an example. So as a business would you slowly migrate operates to give customers more digital solutions as an example or will you offer incentives to get people to go to the stores?

With that in mind I was surprised to see this PC Points offer where for the company Shoppers Drug Mart they were offering me 1000 points to go to the store and buy anything I want. No minimum purchase amount or anything. That’s odd as usually they require a minimum or a special purchase. But in this case you could literally buy say a 25 cents candy and get 1000 points. That is roughly worth one dollar.

Well, I guess it worked on me as I took advantage of it. I mentioned before too I wouldn’t be surprised if we get a Black Friday type of event after all this to get everyone to start shopping again. Would this small amount be enough to get you to go in the stores again?

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