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Getting More Free Supermarket Offers As The Casual Customer

Today I got another one of those free offers from the supermarket where you literally don’t need to buy anything. The past one was a bag of avocados and today there was an offer for free paper towels. I am still thinking what is going on here as the company can’t just be that nice in wanting to give it to everyone can they? So I actually did ask some people and it didn’t seem like anyone else got it. That’s when someone made a comment how they spend way more money at the store than I do as they jokingly express how they should get a ton of free stuff instead.

That’s what got me thinking where many times for these offers they are targeted where the goal is to get people who don’t normally shop much to buy even more. It’s almost like how if you have Internet service or a cell phone plan it is highly likely that the company will offer better deals to those who are not currently a customer. So with that in mind I am still thinking one factor on why I am getting these offers is because I don’t actually use their point’s card for just small purchases unless the app specifically offers me something for that purchase.

I would imagine that gives them the data as if they need to give me more to shop more. It does make me wonder if you could actually save more money overall this way with the way I do it. For example, instead of using your Pc Points card all week for every purchase which may net you 2000 ($2) would waiting until you get say a free offer like this be more worth it overall?

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