Getting Married For Free To Save For Your Future Pop Up Wedding
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Getting Married For Free To Save For Your Future Pop Up Wedding

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Today I walked passed this event where a ton of people were literally getting married. A company was holding an annual pop up wedding event where anyone can essentially get married for free minus things like the marriage license you would need which I believe is about $20. There were a lot of people taking advantage of it too. It made me think in cases like these do you think you would rather say save $20,000+ and put it towards other things like a home or have that spectacular party for the memory where the mindset is money can always be earned back?

I know here at least a lot of things such as rent is a hot topic where many people can’t afford it. So saving money from things like weddings can make a lot of sense nowadays. I can imagine for traditional families this would be a no go. It’s not uncommon for me to hear as well that a lot of people have extravagant weddings not so much for themselves but to try and cater to their guests. While it makes sense to be nice to your guests the day should be about the couple. I know I would feel odd even if it wasn’t a wedding where a couple spends so much on a regular party when they can’t afford it just to try and make others happy.

I actually never even heard of pop up wedding services until today. But clearly a lot of people are using them which might not be a bad idea if you are on a tight budget.

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