Getting Last Year’s Work Income This Year
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Getting Last Year’s Work Income This Year

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This week I actually noticed that for some work I did in 2018 the company’s actually finally paid now which means the income goes into my 2019 budget. It always makes me wonder how I should treat this because technically it means I am ahead financially for the year if you are one of those people who set a goal to make X amount per year. But is it a better idea just to consider it as purely last year’s money instead?

Sometimes we can make ourselves not try as hard when we are ahead due to some kind of fortunate circumstance. It actually almost makes me think of the example where if someone all of a sudden wins say $1000 then they will actually take time off work when they normally wouldn’t have. Financially anyways that means they ended up being in the same situation. That’s what I would be concerned about in regards to treating this money as this year’s income.

I suppose the other thing I could do is treat it as an investment fund I am willing to completely risk on something that I have never tried before. Example, if things like those bitcoins was still early maybe throwing it into some stuff like that in case it goes big. But generally speaking maybe it’s better not to consider it as actually part of this year’s work income.

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