Getting Into New Sectors Like Programming With AI

Getting Into New Sectors Like Programming With AI

There was a lot of tech news today with the company NVIDIA and how it was powering all these supercomputers. It’s expensive of course an one thing that stuck out to me was how it was mentioned that in the future these AI and supercomputers can pretty much program software for the average individual. All you do is tell it what you want and essentially this AI bot could theoretically create you an app as an example.

So that opens the door for a lot of entrepreneurs such as if you ever wanted to create things like an Android or Apple store app but simply don’t the technical skills to do so then this could be your ticket in. There is that risk of course where if you are entirely reliant on an AI to build it then if you have issues in the future it probably won’t be very pleasant to try to get it resolved without potentially scrambling or an actual human programmer.

But this did make me think of the sentiment that was expressed where if you are someone who hasn’t even tried to educate yourself on the new tech that is coming out then you will be left behind it seems.

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