Getting Free Money For Installing Microsoft Apps
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Getting Free Money For Installing Microsoft Apps

I was surprised to see this offer today from Microsoft. Essentially, if you walked into one of its physical stores and installed three free Microsoft apps on your Window based smartphone device they will give you a free $25 gift. Seems almost unreal in many ways considering anyone can just uninstall it right after. You could literally bring in an army of friends and easily get like $1000 worth of gift cards.

This offer wasn’t any use for me though since I have Android for my mobile devices. Would you be too paranoid to do this though? I know a lot of people are concerned with privacy issues when it comes to installing apps. $25 is pretty enticing though I must say. Kind of reminds me of people filling out surveys all day to get money. I guess this is a new way of spending advertising dollars in the form of a cost per action.

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