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Getting Established Before or After Marriage

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I was reading this article about different people’s views in life when it comes to money and business in general. One thing that was kind of interesting was the mentality on how you should try to accomplish everything before you get married and essentially starting a family.

What I personally noticed from my own experience in regards to this is that most everyday people say that you should get married first and then build your fortune together as it only makes sense to do so with the person you are attaching yourself with to go through all the success and hardships together. Whereas most business oriented people I found have a more systematic approach to it.

It was kind of interesting when I read that as just a few days ago I saw this report on how apparently the average age that people choose to have kids has gone up over the years with the main reason being that they want to make sure finances are taken care of ahead of time.

In my opinion, I think this comes down to belief mostly where you either see marriage as like a fairy tale type of lifestyle or a partnership of some sort. In this case, I think it makes more sense to try and establish your business first for the sake of balance and stability as by then you should be able to better leverage your time to focus on your next phase in life so to speak. Of course, either way has worked wonders for many.

2 Comments to Getting Established Before or After Marriage

  • Alan, are you married? Or are you trying to get financially established before starting a family?

    The problem in Vancouver is that in order to buy a home, you usually need 2 incomes. Besides, there is no reason you can’t have a partnership and the fairy tale at the same time.

    Athene Paroupoloulis 9/29/2008 1:09 pm
  • Athene,

    No I am not married. I personally view finance as an ongoing thing as you should always be building it, so to speak. Things like marriage is more about time and of course finding the right person for me personally.

    Although, things like children I wouldn’t want to wing it financially based solely on one’s current income streams. Situations like that I would rather establish some kind of nest for it beforehand.

    Alan Yu 10/1/2008 1:42 am

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