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Getting As Much Money Even When Closing

Interesting integrity debate this was. Essentially, there was a business that was in the midst of closing down a certain division where business wise they got money from customers who pay for their services. There has been reports that the company may be closing but publicly they told people that there were no intents in closing. So in the meantime people continually spent money with them. Sure enough, not too long after the business decides to close which left a lot of disappointed people who continued to spend money with them where they wouldn’t have if they knew they were closing earlier.

That then brought up two sides of the debate where one some people thought it was okay as from a business point of view you want to get as much money out of people as possible even at your last moments and being fully truthful and upfront in this case would have resulted in no money. The other side thought that while you may get money this way it is probably a PR nightmare for if any executive associated with this business then goes on to try and create anything new.

I would be inclined to agree where if you are about to close unless you plan to retire from everything I can only see trying to mislead people to get every last penny from them can only lead to more difficulties in your future endeavors. It’s really interesting at these times when these types of people open up new business under different aliases as well.

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