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Getting A Little Bit Everyday

I was talking to a person recently who appears to have stayed at an entry level job for a large part of his life. While he says that he doesn’t enjoy it, he mentions that it is something he is good at which constantly brings in money. I then started to ask why he never aspired to say move up ahead in the company or better yet look at a different career that he could make him more happy. The answer was pretty straight forward as he fears that the work that he would like to try is too risky and he can’t live life without having the security mentality of a steady income flow.

He even gave me an example where if say he was self employed and was getting paid by a customer $1500 for one day in a week it is not as reassuring as say working five days at a job and earning $200 a day. Like to me technically the finances are better with the self employed way, but he insists that it just gives him more confidence if he is getting a little every day instead and would rather earn less to have that.

In some ways there is a lot of truth to that as you can develop momentum that way as it gives you the confidence to keep going and earning more. At the same time, I would say if the other way earns more like with this example it is probably better to just make up your own system to just dupe yourself to getting little chunks each day to achieve the same effect. What an interesting mentality an situation that was too I thought.

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