Generating Business Leads Simply By Owning High End Gear

Generating Business Leads Simply By Owning High End Gear

This was an interesting business strategy I thought for a person who ran a videography business where he would capture events like weddings and commercials for small businesses. Apparently for more professional productions they often look to hire people with high end equipment as many feel that should translates to better production quality. A lot of high-end productions use RED cameras which is extremely expensive. Therefore, most small business owners I know use company’s such as Canon and Sony that provide a lot of good options that look great.

However, apparently the company RED also released some lower priced cameras. Despite the fact that it is still expensive with all the accessories, a person was saying how he chose that camera simply so that he can say all of his work is shot on a RED camera. The perception that gives off to potential customers is that this guy using top of the line equipment. Even though realistically at that level of offering other companies provide just as good equipment.

I suppose this is more common than you may think such as how if someone says they are offering a certain brand of sunglasses people will automatically assume it is higher quality than a lesser known one even though it could literally be made the same if not better. I remember someone telling me before as well he simply didn’t want to advertise that he used a lower end camera because it makes him look cheap even though his actual cinematography skill is often better than people with more expensive gear. Perception does matter I guess you can say.

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