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General Storage Regardless Of Label

I saw this deal for a backpacked that was labelled to be used as a DSLR backback. It was pretty cheap compared to its regular price it seemed. Even though I wasn’t really interested in it I was thinking to myself what exactly the difference is between that and say just a regular backpack that you can buy in various varieties. Overall, it didn’t seem to be much difference where if you looked hard enough you can find similar backpacks that do the same as well as having a similar type of build.

I was then thinking in that case a big part of the money you are paying is essentially for the company labelling how to use the item and which slots are most appropriate to place your items in. Kind of a hard habit to break though as if you were looking for say a bag for your camera it’s just natural to use that as say your search term in finding one as opposed searching solely based on functionality.

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