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Gaining From Negativity

I was reading about a person that had an interesting way to profit from people who for one reason or another insist in trying to bring him down by constantly providing negative remarks. I guess it is almost like people that just want to hate on another because they are jealous of what the other has accomplished. Instead of allowing it to bother him he actually in-turn uses the remarks to create a separate project of sorts to gain money. Think of it like writing a book of all the weird things they have had people say to them while they have worked at say a retail store.

It almost reminds me of say a person that simply goes on a particular site to try and bait a person into an argument, which you could call an Internet Troll. Like in those cases you can either allow it to bother you or you can turn it around and simply marvel at how one person can have so much time to try and start a fight. Or I guess like in that person’s example he decides to re-publish it in a different package where he ends up gaining from it. So the people that hate him are just making him richer.

I suppose it’s all about attitude. What a difference an attitude can make too as I could easily see anyone treating situations like the above as more of a constant burden.

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