Funny How Your Opinion Can Be Worth More Than Skills
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Funny How Your Opinion Can Be Worth More Than Skills

The other day I was asked if I wanted to participate in this consumer research survey where the company was essentially hired by another business to try and get public feedback about its products. At the same time, collecting data about consumer behavior. While that isn’t too surprising, the fact that they were willing to pay people that matched its target audience almost $100 simply for 2 hours worth of feedback time is kind of crazy.

Kind of makes you think where something as simple as constantly giving your opinion on a matter can be more financially valuable than a skill of some sort. If companies are willing to pay you that much for it why not in many ways? You might say the drawback is that you can’t do that full time, but there are many who do that if you think about it. Example, people who are critics are essentially giving an opinion and making a living out of it.

Never underestimate the value of your opinions I guess you can say as there are always people who are willing to compensate you for it.

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