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Funeral Services Can Sure Be A Cash Cow

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Unfortunately, recently my grandmother has passed away. As a result, funeral services are being held. While in these situations you don’t usually think too much about money ahead of time as you don’t really expect it, I was just thinking how paying for services in relation to this seems worst than talking to a used car salesman.

It’s almost like businesses take advantage of every fear and superstition you can imagine to make more money. Example, for certain caskets they say you need these special models to make it waterproof. I’m just thinking how you probably can’t even verify if it works as you aren’t exactly going to dig up the casket after a few years to check.

I know some people in an effort to not want to burden family members they actually pre-plan all of their funds ahead of time while outlining exactly what their last wishes were. Actually, that’s what my grandmother did for this scenario which was kind of surprising to a lot of people.

Guess it was a good thing speaking from a financial point of view as everything probably would be so much more expensive and hectic having to do everything the last minute.

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