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Fun Ways To Silence Fear Selling

Today my brother was telling me that he went to a large chain store to buy a computer and of course the salesman initially tried to sell him more stuff. As expected, the extended warranty was pushed like crazy apparently. The reasons to buy it was kind of irritating I thought where the sales person kept implying that it was stupid not to buy the warranty as if it breaks in a year then you are going to have to throw it in the garbage can. This went on and on.

I was just telling him too that there is actually an easy and fun way to combat this. If a person tries to feed you that you must have some kind of extra service as if it is guaranteed to break down all you need to do is ask them if that means they are selling you a bad product. Example, would this computer it could be “So are you telling me that your company is selling me a product that is guaranteed to break in a year?” Sometimes just saying “No” isn’t enough.

If you really want to play with them, at this day in age almost everyone is carrying something that has a recording device. Ask them for permission to tell you their pitch while being recorded for your future reference and you’ll be surprised how quickly they will change their tone and just do what they are supposed to do which is simply present the offer to you while allowing you to decide.

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