Frequently Hopping Service Providers For Better Deals or Not
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Frequently Hopping Service Providers For Better Deals or Not

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I have been debating lately on whether or not I should switch phone carriers even though I have been with the one I am with for over decade. The reason is that there doesn’t seem to be much incentive overall l to stay other than I have a grandfathered plan that currently does the job at a fairly low price. I only pay about $47 a month all-in where most people probably pay almost $80 or so. But as I look to upgrade to a new phone with no deals to be found would you just switch to the carrier that gives you the best deal for the next two years as an example?

Essentially, after the deal you will technically be paying more but by that time I guess you need to switch again and try to find a better deal. I currently do that with things like the Internet service as that seems to be the way to go where I have constantly gotten faster service for less by doing so. Again it makes me seriously wonder if I should just do that with my phone plan too and give up the grandfathered plan.

I noticed that a lot of carriers are actively trying to promote offers designed specifically to lure customers from specific companies too. Would you prefer the less predictable but potentially higher savings route?

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