Freezing And Storing Seasonal Products To Save Money
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Freezing And Storing Seasonal Products To Save Money

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Someone was telling me today that the way she saves a lot of money is by freezing and storing items that cost very little money in the summer time so that when winter comes around she doesn’t have to spend high prices paying for those items that must come from different countries.
She did a lot of things that I wouldn’t normally think of such as freezing berries.

Usually the way to save during the seasons is to simply consume what is plentiful during those times of the month. I honestly don’t know that many people who actually go through the effort to say jar a bunch of fresh products to be consumed in later seasons. While you can argue that people still do that by purchasing say canned grocery items, this is more about buying or growing something in bulk and then storing it yourself.

The berry example she gave me sounded like a lot of work for what seems like a small volume considering we are talking about everyday storage items. Example, for things like a blueberry she says that you have to wash it first, dry it and then freeze it in a clump. Like with that, I can’t imagine most people being able to store enough to say last through the winter time.

I suppose if you do have the storage solution than it could be a good practice.

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