Freedom Mobile Free Data Add On

Freedom Mobile Free Data Add On

This was a nice surprise even though I don’t think I will have a use for it. During this Rogers and Shaw merge the company Freedom mobile had to be sold off in order to prevent a monopoly of sort. Now previously with the Rogers story it seems like the rate changes didn’t seem competitive at all. While checking my Freedom account today I normally get 30 GB of data a month where now it says 33.5 GB a month.

I believe this was part of the mandate the new owners had to implement to ensure that they are actually making the market more competitive. I barely use the 30GB a month alone but I suppose this is at least a positive example when the consumer actually gets a better deal as a result of a company sale and merger. I believe I read they had to try and maintain these rate promises for about ten years minimum.

The good thing here is I have been with the company for a long time as well as a consumer where the trade of was less service coverage but it was so much cheaper. Now that they may get better network coverage it seems like a great deal for me at least.

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