Free or Very Cheap

Free or Very Cheap

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I read such an interesting comment today from a friend. Essentially, McDonalds restaurant is having this promotion where it is something along the lines of if you buy one burger you can then buy the next for one cent. He then commented and wondered why it is that people like him don’t react as well to a buy one get one free deal. It does seem strange when you think about it considering that you are paying more with the other promotion.

Can’t really say that is true myself as a buy one get one free would seem like a better deal. The only thing I can really think of is that when you advertise it as a buy the next one for one cent or some other ridiculously low figure that people then change their train of thought. It is changed in such a way where you start comparing that one cent to how much money you actually have and therefore the purchase sounds like such a bargain where you are like a billionaire buying cars. Whereas a buy one get one free deal you are more fixated on the initial cost.

That’s my personal theory of course. I like trying to analyze things like this as it sure opens up a large box of ideas on how to present offers and at the same time why you would tend to spend more when you ordinarily wouldn’t.

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