Free Money From Receipt Surveys
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Free Money From Receipt Surveys

People often say a lot of people don’t take advantage of coupons enough where a lot of people save hundreds if not thousands of dollars from stacking them up on various purchases. I was just thinking today as I bought some food from a restaurant and on the receipt there was a customer satisfaction survey that the company wants you to fill out so that they can learn how well the store is doing. In return, they were literally giving people a voucher to redeem for a free Sandwich which was about $3.

I was just thinking too that most people would probably just throw that away even if they are people who consistently do business with the company. These surveys usually take less than five minutes to do as well. I know many places even offer you gift cards for filling these things out. If anything I know it is a good way to make one of the employees sound good to their bosses if they did a good job.

Next time instead of just throwing that receipt away check to see if there is some kind of survey offer as you may as well get free money or products if you constantly shop with them.

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