Free Cheese Deal That Seems Too Expensive
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Free Cheese Deal That Seems Too Expensive

For some reason I am still getting all these free offer from this PC Points app at the Real Canadian Superstore. So far I have actually only redeemed one offer which was the bag of avocados as interestingly enough for the other offers they didn’t seem to be in stock at the store. These offers are very specific in terms of which specific item you could get for free.

So recently I got this offer for some cheese which at first I thought would be kind of like those $3 cheese slices which would fir in line with the other offers in terms of monetary value. However, upon going to the store you could see that the listed price for this item was almost $8. That really made me wonder what was wrong here as that seems way too generous.

I thought it wold be due to the product expiring soon, but apparently it was good until September. Granted it is a marketing expense, but $8 for free? Either the at cost of this item is dirt cheap like say $1 or maybe the company gets some kind of spiff rom the company to move more products. It’s kind of funny too how offers like these often raises so many questions as to what is the catch huh?

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