Fortune’s 101 Dumbest Moments In Business For 2007
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Fortune’s 101 Dumbest Moments In Business For 2007

I was just reading this list published by Fortune that consisted of what they thought was the dumbest business moments this year. You can see the full list at the fortune site.

The top one was the toy recall for items made in China and it had events that I was aware of such as that 65 million dollar missing pants lawsuit and the dog that inherited millions of dollars. There were quite a bit of stories that I never heard of though which definitely caught my attention. Number 51 was pretty funny where a customer writes a letter to Apple with suggestions on how to improve the Apple ipod and in return she gets a letter from its legal department telling her to stop sending in suggestions.

The 70th one was interesting where in an effort to cut costs to be more profitable, the company Circuit City decided to execute a plan where any sales associate who was being paid “51 cents or more above the established pay range” would be fired. Makes you wonder if that should have been “board of directors” instead of “sales associates”.

Like they say, you live and learn.

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