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Forgetting Your Roots To Make An Extra Dollar

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Just recently I had an interesting experience as there is this company that I used for awhile for various technical related services and what I liked about them is that they frequently advertised the fact that they were a local business where its model was to invest their money in its staff/support system as a strategy to provide better service as oppose say more on hardware to make things run faster.

That did seem to be the case before as the service was fast and professional and as a result the company appeared to be growing too. Just recently, I had to contact the support line for a quick question and to my surprise the person I was talking to had a very heavy accent and didn’t seem to have a very good grasp of the English language. Upon talking to the person it appeared that the company had decided to outsource their technical help line to India.

While at the end my questions were still handled pretty efficiently, the fact that they still advertised the investing in people gimmick kind of left a bad taste in my mouth. It made me wonder if this will turn into a situation where when you are doing well you tend to think you no longer need to worry about the things that made you successful as you assume the profits will just keep coming in.

In general, it is so important I think to not let the enticement of being able to make more money blind you from abandoning the general foundation on what made you successful.

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