Forcing Yourself To Spend
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Forcing Yourself To Spend

So as I mentioned yesterday I redeemed these coupons that were worth about $50 each worth of advertising credit. I noticed that one of them actually expires at the end of this month so that means I have to spend at least $50 worth of credit within 8 days or so.

I was just thinking how that was so out of character for me as I couldn’t help but to try and research the best ways to get the maximum value out of it. Looks like I am going to have to use the splurging mentality though and see how it turns out. Almost feels like being in one of those companies that have to blow through their remaining budget for the sake of using it.

Maybe I’ll just find a friend or anyone else who I know that has a website and send them the traffic with it if I can’t find any better use of it.

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