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Forcing Yourself To Go Online As Well

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I was hearing an interesting debate from some restaurant owners where nowadays a lot of places provide people the ability to order meals online and have it delivered to their house. Of course, some people were completely against that saying how it is dumb and that it should only be limited to fast food type of establishments such as a pizza restaurants. Aside from that you can’t provide people with the same experience as if they actually went to the place in-person.

This almost made me wonder if for that industry it wouldn’t turn into one of those Blockbuster and Netflix scenarios where one party wasn’t open minded enough to expand into what was trending. I was trying to think too and with like the above example if anything you could develop a “take out” menu and use that as a way to go online and see how it goes. Otherwise that one company may get left behind.

I’m actually still surprised at how many places refuse to incorporate some kind of Internet presence. Especially if you are in a fortunate situation where you have a respectable market share I would think investing some of your time and money to make sure your business stays modern day is just as important as doing what currently works at the moment.

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