Forcing People To Use Your Products And Solutions

Forcing People To Use Your Products And Solutions

I was reading about all that debate in regards to the iPhone and how the company refuses to support the popular Flash platform which most sites such as Youtube utilizes to enable people to watch videos and other multimedia functions on the web. The most common comment is that people feel that the company is simply doing that so that they can maintain a monopoly of sort in making sure that people must use a platform that they provide to develop applications which in hence means more profit.

As much as you hate it s a consumer, companies that find a way to do things like these are often the more profitable ones in many ways. Sneaky tactics or smart growth strategy? You always have to be extra cautious with this as I wouldn’t be surprised if this type of strategy would develop a following where the first opportunity that people get in regards to a viable alternative they will embrace it simply to spite the business, so to speak.

It’s almost like you would be your own worst enemy if anything did go wrong such as taking your current market share for granted and assuming people will simply obliged to whatever you give them.

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