Following Through With Your Resolution
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Following Through With Your Resolution

It’s that time again where everyone starts to make new years resolutions. Of course in most cases people don’t actually follow through with them and one thing I noticed more this year is actual products and services that are designed to help people follow through with their resolution. Example, if you are someone buying a gym membership then you will be paying for someone to make sure that you will actually go to the gym.

Guess with that in mind the no brainer way to save money in the new years is to make a goal/resolution that you will actually be self motivated and passionate about in following through with. I usually use the new years to think of things where I can build something from nothing so to speak. That way it’s more of an exercise of time and creativity as opposed to trying to go against something as if it is a chore. Whatever it is you choose you should have fun with it too I say.

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