Following Through With Goals and Promises

Following Through With Goals and Promises

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So today is Earth Day and yesterday I posted a quick list on some things people can do to save energy and money. One of my friends brought up the point that for most people when it comes to actually following through with some kind of new goal that people tend to fail in doing so. For the most part, I would have to say that is usually more true than not. I guess everyone’s experience is different, but for myself I have kind of been able to develop a pretty good profile on why certain people tend to be talkers rather than doers. Here are some points that I think are the common reasons why people fail to follow through with their goals or promises:

1) Procrastination

Some people say that procrastination is a disease. I personally see it as simply a result of not caring enough about something. “I’ll do it later” is what usually comes out from a lot of people and the next thing you know that “later” becomes a “never”. For myself, the natural way that I have learned to avoid in becoming a procrastinator when it comes to important things is to have a clear vision on what it would be like if I didn’t do something. For example, would I want to be in situation such as how some people always complain everyday about their lives?

2) Lack of Accountability

I think this is one of the most integral reasons on why most people fail in accomplishing a goal I’d say. It’s always easier to blame other things or people for a less than admirable situation to justify giving up. Being accountable for the things that happen to you gives you the attitude that you can make a difference as you do have a lot of control in determining what happens to you.

3) Too Many Things At Once

When you first have a goal in mind you are usually all pumped up to start making a difference. At the same time, it can be easy to overwhelm yourself with more things than you can handle which in hence destroys your confidence and motivation to keep going. I think the key is to be organized and very specific on what you need to do. How does that saying go…..Rome wasn’t built in one day. One step at a time.

4) No Fear of Loss

I think this is true for a lot of people where if they think they can get away with something or that the consequence would be something very small then they tend to not take it as seriously. For example, I’ve seen a person set a goal of wanting to start a business and to do so he borrowed a lot of money from people who were close to him. He figured that these were friends and family members and so they wouldn’t be too upset if he failed and lost all of the money that was given to him as it wouldn’t kill them if he lost it all. Guess you know what happened afterwards. In general, if you don’t really have that motivation and fire like someone who treats it like it is their last chance ever you are setting yourself up to do a half effort job (There is a more colorful way of saying that of course).

5) Stopping Momentum

A lot of times when there is a long term goal, people don’t feel that it is an integral situation and so they are free to stop and continue their progress whenever they feel like it. Constantly getting off track can completely disrupt your plan in more ways than one. Someone once told me an example of driving a car where all you had to do was continue to drive straight and you had exactly enough fuel to reach your destination. One person instead felt that there is no rush and so he continually stopped and began driving again whenever he felt like it. In the end, he was only able to travel to about 75% of his intended destination as he ran out of gas. The reason for this was that stopping and starting his car engine actually caused him to use up more fuel than intended. I think that is a great example on how you have to stay on track when trying to accomplish something.

Like anything else, it takes practice. If you have to, gather up some friends or colleagues to help keep you in check and accountable in following through with a goal or promise. Make sure they are strict and consistent as well. It can actually be a very positive thing too such as when people ask me to help hold them accountable for things I actually try to help them by offering suggestions and advice along the way as it is great to teach people how to do things as oppose to doing it for them. The better you get in accomplish goals the more fun it will be as well.

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